Primary Legal Advisor

Innovative Practice

Productivity and economy arise from efficiency. In a fast-changing world, it is necessary to constantly adapt and readapt more efficient strategies as they become available. By striving over the decades to keep my law practice efficient and economical, I have welcomed many changes, mostly in the new technologies available and their implementation into the practice of law.

Primary Legal Advisor

As a result, I am offering a new type of law practice, a type of ‘Virtual Law Practice’ that I have labeled as a “Primary Legal Advisor” (which might also be called a “Primary Contact Attorney”). That is, I have strived to make my knowledge, advice, and legal services accessible in an efficient and economical manner to as many people and organizations as possible. As a result, I can provide many legal services at an hourly rate that is $100 to $200 less than the average hourly rate of lawyers with comparable experience.

Anyone from any location can easily communicate with me online (or by phone if you prefer). While I cannot offer court representation to clients outside of the 2nd or 14th Judicial Circuits (Tallahassee, Panama City, and surrounding areas), I can help those outside my geographical area to sort out your issues and prepare realistically for hiring an appropriate attorney for representation in court if needed. I can help you find the attorney in your geographical area best suited for your particular court case and I can offer tips and strategies to help you keep that representation as economical as possible.

For those who, despite many years of hard work, cannot realistically afford to hire an attorney, I can affordably provide guidance as to the best possible course of action to resolve your issues with the resources available to you. While it is always best to be represented by a competent attorney when involved in litigation, it is a reality that many simply cannot afford that representation. I can help you with available alternatives.

My Primary Legal Advisor services are accomplished by

1) A free 10 minute phone call to assess whether I can be of any assistance to you and for you to ask any quick questions you may have, if desired, prior to setting an appointment for an initial consultation;

2) If you’re comfortable with proceeding, the initial phone call is followed by initial fifty minute consultation (online, by telephone, or at my office in Tallahassee) for which I ask prepayment of $150.00. That payment can easily be made online with a payment link I will provide during or after the initial conference;.

3) If your matter is not resolved in the initial conference, I can explain what followup appears to be necessary and give you a rough estimation of the cost of proceeding further. I will also inform you of the retainer necessary to begin the extra work;

4) Extra work will require the signing of an attorney/client agreement and prepayment of the required retainer. Work at this point is billed at my hourly rate (currently at $300.00 per hour) and continued according to the terms of our attorney/client agreement.

To begin the process and find out how I may help, you may use the contact form on my contact page.